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Our Mission

Brands matter.  Choosing the right laptop is no easy task.  With our researched articles, we’re helping make your decision easier.  You could just decide on a budget and leave it at that; trusting your fate to whatever a big manufacturer comes up with.  But what if the laptop doesn’t match your needs:  What if it doesn’t have the ports you need?  What if the screen resolution isn’t right?  You can’t just swap out the keyboard the way you can on a desktop.  We’ll cut through the confusion by helping you become more familiar with the manufacturer, taking you through the different types of options available and provide overviews for you to keep in mind as you select the right laptop for your needs.  You deserve nothing less when making a decision this big.

Our Goal

We know how difficult shopping for just the right laptop can be amidst all the sometimes contradictory information out there .  As a result our goal is to create a community where visitors are free to ask questions and provide answers to all of our biggest questions.

Since Gigabyte Kingdom does not sell, nor are we associated with any laptop manufacturer, our reviews and recommendations are unbiased and based on:

  • design
  • price
  • features
  • Amazon ratings
  • candid user experiences
  • comparative user satisfaction analysis
  • as well as our take on various models and brands, which can be found at the end of every review.

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