Business Class Laptops (10 Most Important Features)

Business Class LaptopsWhen you want to work on the move away from your desk. The right Business Class Laptops will help you do business more efficiently. You can get the slimmest models equipped with backlit keyboards and the resources that offer the perfect business solution.

There’s a reason why business class laptops often outshine consumer grade models in terms of functionality: new technologies come to the business market first. Then find their way down to consumers. But what features should a business laptop have?

In no particular order, these are the 10 most important features business class laptops need to have.

Business Class Laptops

  1. Warranty and After Sale Support


Extended warranties exist to provide peace of mind for the user and/or laptop owner in the event of a mishap. The best option is to get one that covers the laptop’s life expectancy, which is usually around 3-5 years.

As well as covering hardware failures and accidents, enhanced warranties include next business day replacement (even within 4 hours) to minimize downtime.


  1. Removable/Extendable Battery

Avoid laptops with embedded batteries like a plague.

Many new laptops come with removable batteries. Given that the life cycle of a business laptop is usually three years. A removable battery can be replaced with a much bigger power pack, which give you the edge by adding hours of productivity to your time. has 14 great suggestions on how you can extend the life of your laptop battery.


  1. High Resolution Display

High Resolution Display

Business laptops should come with at least a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080). It will give you the advantage of displaying two documents side by side, without having to scroll all over the screen to look at everything. And on a 13.3-inch display, you won’t suffer from eye-strain.

Here are some tips on how to relieve computer eye strain.

To get ahead, or stay in the lead, you need to be productive on the move. But how do you keep your important work hidden from prying eyes on those long train rides, or during your flight abroad?

Counter-intuitive to all the advice you may have heard about laptop screens. When it comes to the display on business class laptops, you want one with very narrow viewing angles. Which means you should avoid laptops with IPS technology if you want to maintain your privacy.


  1. Memory (RAM)

The more RAM you have, the better. RAM is like the surface area of your desk. The more surface area you have. The more documents you can place on it to view at one time. Which means you’re able to do more work. A good business laptop will have at least 16GB of RAM to support the operating system and do work.


  1. Storage

When it comes to the hard drive, you surprisingly don’t need that much space. Unless you’re a professional that works with a lot of multimedia, or access large database files. A business laptop with 256GB of storage should do it.

A solid-state drive will help you work more efficiently by booting your laptop faster. And it will help you access files faster. It’s even more reliable than a hard disk drive since it has no moving parts. But the amount of space you get per dollar is more expensive than an HDD. So, if you must go this route, look for a laptop with a hard disk drive that spins at 7200rpm for better performance.


  1. Processor (CPU)

Processors (CPU)

Good business class laptops will have a multi-core processor. Whether that’s a Dual-Core or Quad-Core CPU largely depends on the type of work that you do.

We recommend a Dual-Core processor for a smoother computing experience if the work you do only involves virus scanning, word processing, and working on the internet with multiple tabs open.

You’ll do well with a Quad-Core CPU if you work is graphics intensive like 3D modeling or video editing, or heavy database tasks like working with large spreadsheets. can explain the fundamental difference between a Dual-Core and Quad-Core CPU.


You didn’t think we’d end this list without mentioning the most important feature a business laptop should have, did you? As well as getting the most fantastic laptop. It’s vitally important that the information you store on it be secure. Here are the Laptop Security Features you didn’t even know you needed.


  1. Legacy Ports

Business class laptops are designed with versatility in mind. But if the laptop your considering buying doesn’t come with all the connectors you need. Consider getting a docking station that offers them.

One of the ports business class laptops should have is a DisplayPort connector. Unlike HDMI ports, it can display 4K. You get the advantage of replacing four full HD monitors with a single 4K monitor for a tidier workstation.

Here’s a list of ports for your business class laptop.


  1. Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Professional offers features that Mac OS X and Linux can’t keep up with, which is especially useful for business class laptops that can make the most of it.

A few features include:

  • Hello which allows fingerprint and facial recognition.
  • BitLocker prevents anyone from accessing your systems or data should your device get stolen.
  • Office files like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint automatically get stored on the cloud so you can share and work on documents in real time.
  • Remote Desktop lets you log in to your PC or tablet so you can securely access your files, folders, and apps from anywhere there’s an internet connection.
  1. Portability

Business laptops provide a way for you to keep in touch with the office, and stay productive during commutes. If you’re a professional who’s often away on sales visits and conferences. Or let’s just say your days are spent going from office to office. You should prioritize portability.

A compact laptop with a thin and lightweight design will make an excellent travel companion. If you’re a business road warrior, consider a laptop between 11- and 15-inches. These fall into the MacBook, Ultrabook, and Chromebook categories, and utilize energy efficient hardware.


  1. Durability


Entry-level business laptops are almost ubiquitously made of polycarbonate (plastic). But you should aspire to better aesthetics that feature aluminum, magnesium, and even carbon fiber in their construction. Besides just looking more professional, these materials are stronger. Which means you’ll have a laptop that will last you longer through your career.


  1. Bonus

Here’s a bonus just for you for sticking with us until the very end.

Optical drives on laptops used to be crucial for installing software. But with each passing year, there are fewer laptops with this feature since software can be either downloaded from the web. Or installed via a USB drive.

But if you need a laptop with a built-in CD/DVD for installing legacy software. There are still handful of laptops that offer this feature.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your system as light and manageable as possible. You can always buy an external DVD drive for less than $25 on Amazon.



Business class laptops are a primary tool for many professionals. So, it’s important to have a laptop that meets your requirements. We’d love to hear from you. Were there any important features you think a business laptop should have that we forgot to mention? Please let us know in the comment section.

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