How to Create the Ultimate Gaming Station Setup

Gaming StationPassionate about gaming? The ideal gaming station for a dedicated gamer like you balances ergonomic comfort with the technology to make casual gaming and longer sessions equally satisfying.

There’s a lot to consider here from-hardware, to tweaks that will increase performance, and many other ways to improve your gaming experience.

When it comes to gaming, space is king. Besides a powerful laptop. Your gaming station should be designed so that all your technological goodies fall easily to hand.

To that end, it’s equally important to maintain a clutter-free zone. Here are 16 suggestions for the perfect gaming setup.


The Ultimate Gaming Station


  1. Space Size

The ultimate gaming station should give you a totally immersive experience.

It doesn’t have to be a big room. Just enough space that allows you to be totally engaged by your PC game. If you host LAN parties, or often invite others to play. You’ll want to factor them into the plans for your space.

Wherever you choose to setup your gaming station. It should provide enough distance between where you’ll be sitting. And the television or projector you’ll be hooking your laptop to (more about this in a minute).


  1. Soundproofing


Unless you’re new to gaming. You know that sound levels are going to be thunderous. And nothing takes you out of the immersive experience of a game quicker than an annoyed roommate or pissed-off neighbor pounding on your door.

The ultimate gaming setup makes sound proofing a top priority. Not only will your housemates and next-door neighbors benefit from this. But, it also helps improve the sound quality within your gaming station.

Depending on your budget. You can hire a contractor to do the soundproofing for you. Or you can DIY soundproof your space by adding framing to ceiling and walls.

Consider using layers of insulating foam or drywalls designed for noise control. Thick carpets and curtains will also help. As will free-standing or wall-mounted acoustic panels.

Check out for more ideas on soundproofing your room or apartment.


  1. TV or Projector

We shouldn’t have to say it. But, for those who don’t know. Gaming on a small screen isn’t as much fun as seeing your favorite game up on a big screen. Duh.

Here you can choose between a slick new LED television with IPS technology and an OLED or curved screen. Or a projector.

ProjectorA projector will give you the flexibility of customizing the distance and projection size of game images. Whereas you’re stuck with the same display size with a tv.

No matter which option you choose. You should get enough connectivity options for speakers, and your laptop.


  1. Gaming Desk

The amount of space you have to work with in your gaming station will determine the size of your desk. And while there aren’t any desks specifically designed for gamers. Some desks are better suited for gaming than others.

The Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk is one of our favorites. It’s “L” shape means that it can easily tuck away in a corner making your gaming station appear bigger than it may be.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, with a sort of suspended look that gives it a contemporary feel. But it has a sturdy steel frame with a powder coated finish. And we like the sliding keyboard tray for hooking up an external keyboard to your laptop. You can get it on Amazon for less than 200 bucks.


  1. Gaming Table

You can equip your gaming station with or without a table. If you choose to go with a table. Go with one that comes with drawers so you can store things like charging cables, audio/video cables, and other items you need for gaming.


  1. Gaming Chair

Since you’ll most likely be putting in some long hours mastering your favorite PC games. It makes sense that your choice of gaming throne should be as comfortable and sturdy as possible.

Gaming ChairThe DX Racer Formula Series Gaming Chair is one of the most popular in the eSports world for its ergonomic design. And stylish options.

Choose from vinyl, cloth, or a patented race car seat upholstery made of strong breathable mesh. The chair has an extra high backrest with up to a 180-degree adjustment. But they’re not the cheapest option. Expect to pay anywhere from $300 – $400.


  1. Rockers and Bean Bag Gaming Chairs

If you’re anything like us one more round easily turns into an all-night gaming session. For this reason, we prefer rockers and bean bag chairs.

Big Joe Bean Bag Chair


Oh, but they’re not your father’s bean bag chairs. Big Joe Dorm Chair is made of tough, stain and water-resistant fabric. It comes in six colors. And it has a pocket by the arm rest, as well as a place to hold your drink. And the built-in handles make it easy to move around.



X Rocker Gaming Chair


But hands-down our favorite gaming chair is the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair. Bluetooth technology makes setup a breeze. You also get ports for your headphone/headset. And game vibrations come through the chair so it really feels like you’re right there in the game.


  1. Wireless Router

For online gaming, a dedicated wireless network is indispensable (why). A lapse in broadband connection results in lag, which negatively affects gameplay.

D-Link released their ‘Gaming Router’. It features StreamBoost which is an intelligent system that prioritizes what devices get more and consistent broadband. It optimizes internet connection to the devices in your household you want to receive a broadband connection.


  1. Speakers

Buying a Laptop: Laptop Speaker System

Sound is so important for delivering that ultimate immersive experience. You need good speakers to channel the sound of those massive combos and awesome explosions.

There are many speaker systems available for this-2.1 channel, 5.1 channel, 7.1 channel and 9.1.

Bluetooth speakers eliminate the need for wires to run harry carry through your gaming station, which can reduce the likelihood of you or your friends pulling out a wire during an epic battle.

Sound bars are replacing larger home theater audio systems. They’re cheaper. Require less wires and cords. Can fit in almost any room size. And their available Bluetooth connectivity means they’re able to adapt to many devices.


  1. Wiring

No doubt, there are going to be a lot of wires and gadgets running all over the place making your gaming situation look cluttered. As stated earlier, this space should be an oasis. Your briar. A place to relax.

Even if you and your friends are not naturally clumsy. Loose wires increase the possibilities of accidents. Nothing changes the mood of a gaming night faster than being in the middle of an intense battle that ends abruptly because a loose power cord is ripped out of the wall.

A very simple, low-tech solution is to cover all wires under a carpet. You can also place them behind furniture away from the main gaming space. Or at least tie them together in groups so they’re not as distracting.

Pro Tip: Instead of running wires to power sockets all over your gaming station. Plug electrical device into high-quality extension cords for a cleaner, safer, more professional look.


  1. Power Surge Protector

We’ve talked about this before. A surge in power could destroy not only your laptop. But any device plugged into a power outlet. A surge protector will defend the most expensive hardware in your gaming station.


  1. Cable Organization

Even with the proliferation of Bluetooth technology. You’re still going to have to deal with cords. Fortunately, several organizational solutions have come to the market in the last few years to help keep everything in its place.

The stylish Bluelounge CableBox provides the right solution for stray wires. It comes in different sizes to fit many space requirements.


  1. Controllers

Game Controller Charging Station

Chances are you’re not going to want to tap away at your keyboard while playing your PC games. Especially if your friends will be joining you. Game controllers provide a more natural gaming experience.

The evolution of technology has made it so controllers no longer have to be attached to your laptop. But wireless controllers also have their down-side in that they need to be consistently charged.

A multi-charging station can keep many controllers neatly tucked away on standby without messy cables. This suggestion is a matter of what impute device feels more natural to you as you play PC games.


  1. Lighting

What role can lighting possibly play in my gaming station?

We’re glad you asked. Obviously, your gaming station shouldn’t be overly lit. But the lighting should be functional so that you can reach for things in the dark.

Playing video games on a television screen in a room that’s too dark could damage your eyes. But if you’re going with a projector. Complete darkness will provide the best output for images on the screen.

The lighting doesn’t have to be too bright. But it will be a good idea to setup lighting in different areas throughout your gaming station. Don’t put a light opposite the television so as not to create reflection.

Consider going with LED lighting. Below is a great example of what your setup could look like from MS Tech.


  1. Multimedia Remote

Too many remotes to keep track of?

The Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control works like an all-in-one remote for your TV and sound system. It takes the shape of an ornament that sits unobtrusively anywhere to your gaming setup. And you communicate with it through an iPhone or Android app using Bluetooth.


  1. CD/DVD Storage

It’s all about organization here people.

Many PC gamers like downloadable versions of titles rather than physical discs. They get their games from digital download services like Steam and Origin.

But if like us you’re still attached to your physical media. We recommend storing your discs in a space efficient disc album. Keeping all your discs in one spot will make browsing through them more convenient than combing through disc cases and boxes.

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