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The perfect Windows laptop offers the best bang for your buck.  A form factor you can show off.  High-res display.  A powerful processor.  And decent battery life.  HP (Hewlett Packard) remains one of the rare laptop brands that consistently has some of the best-looking designs and breakthrough features of any laptop manufacturer.

Why This Brand May Be for You

Known for cutting-edge designs that feature an upscale look and feel, the HP family strives to provide value to a wide audience.  HP now offers models that are even slimmer than the MacBook (12-inch).  Security software like SimplePass and facial recognition login on business systems.  And the OLED displays with beautiful bright screens for consumer models are just some of the attractive breakthrough features that improve productivity.  But a battery life that’s too weak to support some systems through a full day of work might force would be users to reconsider.

The Improvements

HP coveres the needs of customers with an amazing laptop for everyone.  The company isn’t afraid of showing a variety of looks.  Updates for 2016 include sleek-looking designs with aluminum treatments and splashes of color.  We’ll admit that some products are too reminiscent of Apple.  But high technology like the 6th Gen ‘Skylake’ i5 Core processor with 8GB of RAM provides even more performance and capability than the latest MacBooks.  The Spectre x360 13t is one such system with a 2-in-1 form factor that provides high-performance for handling heavy-duty computing tasks.  The amazing display makes it perfect for graphic designers and multimedia users.  All this with a long battery life, too.

Like Dell, HP tries to cover the laptop spectrum with low-cost Windows laptops.  Mainstream systems.  And 2-in-1s.  Business class offerings range from ProBooks to high-end ZBooks in various sizes.  And let’s not forget gaming systems.  While not as powerful and robust as Asus ROG stations or Dell’s Alinware, HP is stepping out with entertainment rigs that feature excellent graphics.   The gaming rigs come with the kind of incredible hardware the latest AAA game titles demand.  The company also boasts some very inexpensive Windows laptops that offer great value, like the Stream 13.

Top HP Laptops
hp-main-imageThe HP ProBook series (Read Review) is a powerful entry-level business laptop with the quiet operating noise and upscale finish (thanks to the use of aluminum and rounded edges) that productive-minded business professionals will appreciate.  While the matte 1080p display is less than awe inspiring, HP dispenses with the Broadwell processors for the speedier and more potent ‘Skylake’ CPUs.  The flat keys on former models make way for a more concave style that delivers crisper strokes.  And the Kensington lock slot and fingerprint reader, along with other security features makes thieving the system a challenge.

HP Laptops

The Company

What does Walt Disney’s Fantasia have to do with HP?  As of 2011 Hewlett-Packard was the number one computer manufacturer in the world.  Founded in Palo Alto, California in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and David Packer, HP is a global enterprise with nearly 325,000 employees.  The company’s first product was an audio oscillator (an electronic instrument built for sound engineers used to develop and test sound systems).  Walt Disney was one of HP’s first customers.  Disney bought eight audio oscillators to perfect the sound of the movie he was working on at the time, Fantasia.  Since then the company has built its brand on innovative products, and a reputation of being an inspiring company to work for.  It developed the first touch screen PC in 1983 and has played a major role in hardware recycling.


HP introduced some innovative 2-in-1s this year in the form of two beautiful convertibles, and a gorgeous new detachable.  The Spectre X360 13t and X360 15t both house Intel processors that are faster than last year’s models.  Not only this, but they pack a surprising amount of battery life.  And the slim yet sturdy design of the Spectre x2 boasts a detachable laptop which features a keyboard cover at the base price.  Other innovations include an industry first 3M privacy-screen now available on select business laptops.


HP delivers 1080p displays that are some of the largest in their category producing colors that are accurate and vivid.  Though images are sharp, some screens suffer from being dim and less vibrant than the competition.  As expected, color is more vibrant on the 4K panel multi-touch display on bigger models.


Not to be taken for granted are offerings like the HP EliteBook Folio which are productivity powerhouses with a fan-less cooling system.  Under the hood is the Intel Core i7 processor with the mid-level NVIDIA GPU.  It provides an impressive amount of stamina like you’ll find in the HP Pavilion series.  And the Intel Celeron processor with 2GB of RAM delivers fairly capable performance for the price.  You’ll find it on inexpensive units like the HP Stream series.  However, (as mentioned before) a weak battery life is an unfortunate characteristic shared across many, but not all HP laptops.


HP has developed some truly comfortable keypads for 2016.  Chiclet-style keys adorn prominently recessed keyboard decks, and return an exceptionally good feel on thinner designs.  But some keypads are set too far to the side making typing an awkward experience.  And the flex in the middle of less-expensive models delivers a spongy feel.  And the keys tend to bounce a lot under use.


HP used to have one of the best customer support systems of any laptop manufacturer.  In 2016, tech support seems to suffer from lack of training and an online database that makes you dig deep to find solutions.  We recommend using social media channels to get helpful answers.

The company covers all of its devices with the same standard one-year warranty.  They will even pay for shipping on laptops that need to be serviced.  And like Apple, you’ll get piece of mind from knowing that upgrading your RAM or hard drive won’t void your warranty.

Software Offerings

Like Dell, HP offers 25GB of free Dropbox space if only for six months.  However, this is only offered on select models, like the Envy 13t and Pavilion x360 11.  Consumer laptops may come with bloatware, like Snapfish and Candy Crush Soda Saga.  While business systems get more useful apps, like HP Recovery Manager and SimplePass for fingerprint login.

Now, over to you.  What do you absolutely love about Dell Laptops?  Let know us in the comment section below.

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