Asus LogoThe current brand promise of Asus is, In Search of Incredible. Established in 1989, the Taiwanese multinational consumer hardware, and computer electronics company excels at delivering the perfect combination of value and performance for nearly every kind of laptop; at a price that’s affordable.

The PC giant knows how to design truly gorgeous laptops. The powerful ROG (Republic of Gamer) series makes the company a leader in mobile gaming. While its luxury Ultrabooks have a sleek and lightweight design. They’re extensive line of Chromebooks are not only durable. But they also feature a premium look. And the new AsusPro line offers professionals business laptops. All of which garnered Asus 4th place as the largest PC vendor in 2015.


When it comes to innovation, the company is on the bleeding edge. The ZenBook 3, for instance, manages to include a full-power Core processor into a space that’s thinner than the 12-inch MacBook. The Chromebook C202 is one of the easiest to repair. And the GX800 is a gaming beast that features water-cooled technology.


The web resources are confusing. The site looks like an after-thought. And the support staff is barely helpful-the solutions given by live chat, for instance, are often wrong. While phone support takes too long to solve problems. But the staff will eventually resolve your issues with an infectiously up-beat mood that makes up for it.


Asus offers a one-year warranty across all its laptops. And they get kudos for providing accidental-damage protection for free; which you won’t get from most companies. Unfortunately, you’ll need to figure out which systems support this feature by looking up retailer product descriptions.

Upgrading RAM and storage voids your warranty. And Asus doesn’t sell extended warranties in the U.S. But you can buy a retailer’s plan. They’ll pay for shipping when your laptop needs service. But not under accidental damage protection.

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