Lenovo LogoLenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company guided by the pursuit of becoming the world’s very best personal technology company.

Founded in 1984 as Legend, they acquired IBM’s personal computer business in 2005, which effectively accelerated access to foreign markets. Correspondingly improving technology and branding. Similarly, the company is supported by people who represent a wealth of cultures and experiences. This corporate climate of diversity allows them to consistently raise the bar on delivering award-winning laptops.

As the third-largest computer maker in the world by volume. Lenovo features an exhaustive line of award-winning systems in every major laptop niche. Bolstered by the ThinkPad and Yoga lines. The systems can offer top-rated solid performance; up to 17+ hours of battery life; gorgeous nearly bezel-less designs; and comfortable keyboards.

Due to their desire to fill a supposed need for low-cost gaming laptops with the emerging Legion line. The brand struggles to compete with high-end flagships from competitors.


When it comes to innovation. The company maintains its reign as king of flexible productivity by remaining at the forefront of the trend on 2-in-1 convertibles. For instance, the Yoga Book offers a writing pad with 2,048 levels of pressure that doubles as a completely flat backlit keyboard. And they weren’t afraid to take risks by adding an OLED screen to the ThinkPad X1 Yoga business 2-in-1.


You get one of the most all-star tech support teams in the laptop industry. Their responsive callback service lets you conveniently sign up for a phone session online. You can either receive an immediate call. Or schedule one.

Like most phone agents, they occasionally suggest incorrect solutions. But more than make up for it by being quick, friendly, helpful, and even willing to answer questions about Windows settings.


They offer the most upgradable warranty service of any laptop company. Upgrading RAM and storage won’t void your warranty. And, most laptops come with a standard one-year limited warranty. Some ThinkPads even come with three-year warranties. Along with premium consumer laptops, these come with “depot” warranties. Which means the company will pick up the tab on shipping for servicing. (You’ll have to cover the cost of shipping on some lower-end laptops since they only have base warranties.)

Depending on the laptop you buy, you can choose from base, to depot, to on-site services for up to three or five years with the maximum term if you extend the warranty past a year. You can even add accidental damage as a separate term.

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