Microsoft LogoMicrosoft operates with the noble aspiration of empowering you to do more. Founded in 1975, they’re an American multinational technology company better known for being at the bleeding edge of developing and licensing software than its nascent Surface line of laptops. (As of 2016, it’s the world’s largest software maker by revenue.)

Having only been in the laptop game for a handful of years. It speaks to Microsoft’s genius to see how the limited Surface tablet lineup leads the charge in 2-in-1s and detachables.

There’s only two premium lines offered. But both feature plenty of functionality: the Surface Pro and Surface Book. Unfortunately, there’s no real gaming contender. And it doesn’t help matters that in contrast to the competition. What’s offered is more expensive.

Although the company suffers from a lack of variety. Their best laptops feature a vibrant display, excellent stylus support, and discrete graphics cards.


A magnesium-alloy chassis and threaded fulcrum hinges are about the only notable innovations from Microsoft regarding its laptops. The company made an executive decision to focus more energy on Cloud Computingwas in 2014 . Consequently, innovations on the hardware side have remained static. Only the future knows if we’ll see any new noteworthy innovations for these laptops.


As the publisher of Windows. You’d expect more coverage about the Surface laptop and its operating system. But phone support is mostly good. Even with the occasional incorrect solution to system issues.


Warranty packages are the least compelling of all the laptop brands. One-year limited warranty comes standard for your Surface laptop. And while it nevertheless includes free shipping for sending your laptop in for servicing. Phone support is limited to 90-days. And opening your laptop for any reason will void your warranty.

Purchasing Microsoft Complete, however, extends your warranty terms two years. It also adds accidental-damage protection. And you also get tech support for $149 to $249, depending on the device you choose.

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