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Respected as one of the pioneers, and best-performing gaming brands in esports. Razer is “the largest global gamer ecosystem of hardware and services.”

Founded in 2005, the Singaporean company was a subsidiary of kärna LLC in 1998. The triple-headed snake on the onyx-aluminum chassis. And the magnificently colorful Chroma keyboards (which are among the best RGB keyboards). Are but some of what makes the company one of the most recognizable lifestyle brands in the global gaming community.

Razer makes great, high-quality gaming laptops and Ultrabooks featuring show-stopping systems, with thin profiles designed to maximize portability without sacrificing power.

Unveiled in May 2013. The Blade Pro gaming laptop series demonstrates this philosophy perfectly. (The 14-inch variant was dubbed “the world’s thinnest gaming laptop.”) And the Blade Stealth Ultrabook, which is a super-slim gaming laptop made for more than just gamers.

The most obvious downside is since these laptops are mostly targeted at gamers. Prices start at an aggressive $899.

Here’s a list of some of the company’s accolades.


You can also attribute the company’s success to a willingness to take risks when it comes to innovation. They created the world’s first ultra-low profile mechanical keyboard to compliment, rather than compromise their thin design language. The programmable scroll wheel provides wide usablity. And Project Valerie promises a triple-screen laptop.

As stated, in-spite of a thin profile. You still get high-end specs like NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1060 GPU in the Blade, which is also one of the smallest VR-ready laptops in the market.


While the company’s social media channels are some of the most accurate in the laptop market. Receiving a response from it requires patience. If you do get impatient, however. The company’s web-based FAQs are another avenue for getting answers. But it’s not that extensive.


Razer offers a conventional warranty policy: You get a one-year limited warranty. But you can purchase an additional year of coverage.

As you would expect from a gaming laptop brand. Upgrading RAM and storage won’t void your warranty. Unless doing so causes damage to the laptop.

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