10 Ultrabook Features That Answer “What’s an Ultrabook?”

Ultrabook FeaturesWhat is an Utrabook? According to intel, a high-end subnotebook with a unibody chassis. They are designed to be lightweight, without compromising performance and battery life. To achieve this, they use low-power Intel processors with integrated graphics to fit larger batteries in a smaller chassis.

Intel trademarked the name ‘Ultrabook’ to describe a platform that uses its technology to meet specific needs. AMD has a similar platform called “Ultrathin”. But Ultrabooks appear in many more models.

Built for business, Intel aims for you to have an experience with an Ultrabook that includes new levels of productivity, security and mobility.

Because you’re always up against deadlines. You’re strongly considering an Ultrabook. But with so many new models being released with similar base specifications. How do you know which features are worth going with?

Besides being lightweight and having a longer battery life than most laptops. Ultrabooks have a large set of new features. Here are the top 10 Ultrabook features you need to be productive in no particular order.

Ultrabook Features


  1. Extended Battery Life

Extended Battery Life

This is one of the Ultrabook features that’s most characteristic of mobility.

One of Intel’s criteria for an Ultrabook is that it must be able to provide at least 5-hours of work without needing a re-charge. As such, Ultrabooks typically have 6-8 hours of power away from an outlet based on typical usage.

To achieve a thin profile, however. high-capacity batteries are integrated into the design of the Ultrabook. So, you can’t swap out the battery, unfortunately.  But some designs do offer removable batteries.


  1. Rapid Boot-up Times

Because the work you do is time sensitive. This is one of the Ultrabook features that contributes to its responsiveness.

Another Ultrabook criteria from Intel is that it most be able to wake from sleep in no less than 7 seconds. You’ll find that Ultrabooks wake up and run faster than most laptops, which along with preserving battery life, saves time.

A major contributor to this functionality is Rapid Start Technology. And as you guessed, it enables Ultrabooks to resume from hibernation to connect to the internet in under 7 seconds.


  1. Storage


Another one of the crucial Ultrabook features that contributes to its speed is superfast solid-state drives. The drawback to SSD, unfortunately, is capacity.

Most Ultrabooks only offer 128GB to 256GB of flash memory, which is fine for most users. But if you’re a business professional. You’ll eventually require more space.

Makeusof.com gives you 5 ways to increase the memory of your Ultrabook.


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  1. Smart Response Technology

It’s a feature of Intel’s Rapid Start Technology (RST) that enables an SSD with a hard disk drive. Or a solid-state-hybrid-drive to provide a cost-effective storage solution. And quick application start-up.

Click here for more information on how SRT works.


  1. Security Features

Security Features

Ultrabooks use hardware-based security features to protect your information should the device become lost or stolen.

Intel’s Identify Protection Technology (IPT) and Anti-Theft features work to ensure that no one gets hold of sensitive information on your Ultrabook but you.

You can also protect your personal info automatically, or by sending a lock command over the internet that prevents your Ultrabook from booting up if you find it lost or stolen.

Click here for list of other Laptop Security Features worth considering for your peace of mind.


  1. HD Media and Gaming Capabilities

If you’re a Video Editor, you’ll appreciate Intel’s wireless display; aka Wi-Di and Wireless Audio. Transmit up to 1080p of content to 3rd-party receiver boxes connected to an A/V system using Intel specified chipsets.

The graphics in Ultrabooks comprise of the latest generation integrated Intel HD Graphics cards, which will work well for casual gaming. Here’s more information about them.


  1. Display

Display Size


Screen size is related to the overall size of any laptop. It will also determine the size of the keyboard. Ultrabooks have a display size of 13.3-inches on average. But if you travel often, you may consider an 11-inch display.

Resolution is one of those Ultrabook features that make deciding between two options easier. Opt for the one with at least a 1920 x1080-pixel resolution.


  1. Processing Speed

Powered by the latest Intel processors. Thunderbolt Technology and Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 are two Ultrabook features from Intel that enable the system to dynamically over clock the CPU whenever extra performance is needed.

To keep up with your schedule, day or night. Ultrabooks also use Intel’s latest generation of energy efficient ‘Ultra Low Voltage’ Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processor families. Which contributes to the stellar battery performance.


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  1. Ports

These are Ultrabook features that allow you to stay seriously connected. And be part of the network around you.

HDMI, SD and USBs let you link up to a range of devices for presentations and file transfers. Find out what other ports and slots will be useful for your Ultrabook.


  1. Thin and Lightweight

Thin and Lightweight

It’s one of the most obvious Ultrabook features. But what should it be made of so you can take it with you anywhere, and keep it protected?

Ultrabooks are more travel friendly than most laptops. Reduced hardware and no moving parts create a featherweight body.

Most are similar in size, shape, and weight. But if you spend most of your time travelling or commuting. You’ll most likely be attracted to Ultrabooks that are even more portable.

Look for the ones that are constructed of materials, like aluminum, magnesium, and even carbon fiber.


  1. Bonus

And here’s a bonus just for you for sticking around until the very end.

Since it’s a tool you use all the time. The thing you look at every day should be beautiful and turn heads.

It’s not so much that you desire style over function. But you’re sophisticated enough to embrace the fact that you can indeed marry design with performance in a balance you’ll love and enjoy for years to come.

And, you’re in luck when it comes to Ultrabooks because they come in form-factors, like:

  • The classic Clamshell
  • Hybrid styles offering detachable screens for tablet only use
  • And convertibles with rotating displays that fold flat into tablet mode



Apple proved that thin, lightweight laptops are desirable. It’s a phenomenon that has encouraged Intel to push the Ultrabook platform, which incorporates a perfect blend of style, performance, and practicality.

Were there any other important Ultrabook features we forgot to mention? We’d want to hear from you. Please let us know in the comment section.

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