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Gigabyte Kingdom Mission

Our goal is to help you find answers and solutions to your laptop related questions.  We hope to empower you to choose the best laptop for your needs through well-researched information, comprehensive laptop guides, and in-depth reviews.

Our Vision

Our website encourages Users to get the most out of their laptop, and that mission comes with great responsibility.  We emphasize learning everything about a laptop before making a purchase in all our resources.  We also encourage laptop maintenance to support the longevity of this investment.

In addition, one of Gigabyte Kingdom’s main focus is educating Users on basic computer knowledge to serve them long after buying their dream laptop.  We have an immense respect for these machines.  We believe in empowering Users through information so their device can serve them well for years to come.

Our Story

Gigabyte Kingdom was created in 2016 out of a love for laptops and has grown in scope every year since.  While hunting for a powerful mainstream notebook for a new project, we wanted to increase our knowledge of all things laptop.  Finding the information we were looking for was challenging, and so Gigabyte Kingdom was born.

Gigabyte Kingdom started with two guides: Gaming Laptops under 500 Dollars and Laptops for College Students under 500 Dollars.  Since then, Gigabyte Kingdom is continuing to grow into a comprehensive online laptop resource with three pillars of focus: well-researched information, comprehensive laptop guides, and in-depth reviews.

Who We Are

People well acquainted with the frustration of looking for just the right laptop amidst all the sometimes-contradictory information out there.  They are a team of analysts, tech reviewers, editors, and contributors.  More to the point, they’re 21st century Geeks, Nerds, Fanboys (and girls).  Not only are they passionate about laptops, tablets, technology, and electronic gadgets, but they elicit expertise in various areas because they want to be the ultimate trusted site in laptops.  As technology accelerates faster than we can keep up, there’s a lot of anxiety and confusion when it comes to the world of laptops.  For this reason, they can tell you honestly what they think about a product because they’re not associated with any manufacturer.  They’re solely focused on their visitors and helping each one find the perfect laptop.  That’s professionally.

Personally, after earning graduate degrees from the University of Texas at Dallas, they worked six months in the “real world” in soul-crushing corporate jobs before realizing they needed to make a change which would set the right course for the rest of their lives–and fast: thru considering various business opportunities and studying the biography of entrepreneurs, they decided to go all out on their very own blog for a creative project to do together and Gigabyte Kingdom was born.  When they’re not studying up on the latest laptop or tech, you can find them testing video games, learning about comic book heroes, building cars, listening to 80’s pop-music, writing fiction stories, helping others, cooking or just vegging out to a marathon of The Office.

Connect With Us

We hope you find our resources helpful, direct, and informative.  We work very hard to provide the very best expert advice on everything we publish on our website.  But we also consider ourselves life-time students.  So, if you ever have any feedback don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’d love to hear from you.  And all suggestions will help us serve you better.

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