7 Reasons Why Acer Laptops Are So Good

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Are Acer Laptops Good

Does this sound familiar? You need a new laptop, but funds are limited. While names like Dell, Lenovo, HP and Asus stand out as big, well-known brands. Acer also offers slim, portable laptops with enough power for serious multitasking and gaming. Re-branded in 1987, Acer is a Taiwanese company well-known for affordable laptops. If you have a modest budget and you’re in the market for an absolute entry-level laptop for basic productivity, Acer strikes a precise balance between power and affordability. These are the eight reasons why we think Acer laptops are good machines with exceptional value for the money.

1.    Can You Be Cheap to a Fault?

Acer produces a huge range of laptops – from super lightweight Chromebooks, to dependable Windows convertibles, even dipping into the gaming world under the Predator brand.

But you know why Acer laptops are good?

Even though they share similar specs with HP, their cheaper.

This should translate into value. 


Since their Gateway buy-out in the early 2000s, users claim that the quality has eroded, sighting:  loose parts, resulting in poor build quality, and over-heating issues that have existed since the 90’s.

Even current laptops still get mixed reviews:

Just like the Pinto wrecked Ford’s image for a while, some Acer designs are in bad need of a facelift, like the bulky, plastic-clad Spin 3, the Chromebook Spin 11 and the Aspire E 15.

But for every Pinto, there’s a Mustang:  the toast of the Acer brand is the Swift 7 and Swift 5 – they push the portability envelope with sleek, aluminum, ultra-slender dimensions.

Like HP in the past, Acer laptops were equally bad.  But they’ve since addressed the overheating problem, and increased quality with many of the latest models.

2. Acer Laptops Are Good About Crazy Innovations

Acer continues to push the envelope with an eye toward innovation on multiple fronts:

When it comes to ultra-portable laptop designs, Acer delivers what’s being hailed as the thinnest laptop ever with the Acer Swift 7 — it weighs just 2-pounds and measures 0.39-inches thick!  Surrounding the 14-inch FHD display is a stunningly minimalist bezel that enables an industry leading 92% screen-to-body ratio. 

On the gaming front is the multi-mode design of the Triton 900 – this massive 17-inch gamer features a crazy swiveling screen that moves forward and backward for the flexibility of a stand-alone monitor, thanks to the Ezel Aero hinge.  Acer plans to bring this design to the Concept D9 laptop for creative pros. 

Other innovations for gaming notebooks include the HyperDrift keyboard on an upcoming Acer Predator Helios:  the keyboard slides forward to improve cooling and performance. 

If you’re an Acer fan, you’ve likely noticed a strange lack of business and workstation-class notebooks.  Acer is changing that by bringing back the TravelMate X3, and with the ConceptD series.

3.    Acer’s Aspire, Swift and Spin Brands

What makes Acer laptops good is that the company is no stranger to the laptop market – if you need a new device, they’ve got affordable, well-designed offerings with power and performance for casual use.

But, do all the options leave you scratching your head about what you need?  Don’t despair.  In what follows, we take a closer look at the Aspire, Swift and Spin series:

Aspire Laptops Deliver the Most Bang for Your Buck

Introduced in 1999, the Aspire series is the quintessential Acer laptop:  they’re casual machines designed for every-day computing and tough professional workloads.  Power options fittingly range the gambit from bare-bones to high performance.  The Aspire E 15 eclipses all Aspire laptops as the best value you can find.  Design options include standard clam-shells, as well as flexible 2 in 1 convertibles.

The Swift Brand is Un-believably Light

If you commute or travel, size is a concern – Introduced at IFA in 2016, the Swift notebook-series is a line of ultrathin laptops.  They feature an elegant and sleek design that’s slim, thanks to a blend of magnesium-lithium and magnesium-aluminum alloys that create a strong, yet lightweight chassis.  Along with the notoriety of being the world’s thinnest laptop, the Swift 7 is the brand’s most premium model.

Spin Models Are Flexible

You can rotate the display 360-degrees into:  laptop, tent, or tablet mode to find the right fit for the moment.  The line-up spans across many categories and operating systems.  Acer refreshed the Spin-branded 2 in 1 series in late 2018.  They’re not know for being visually exciting.  But a solid build and respectable specs for the money justifies buying an example, like the capable Spin 5.

4.     Acer is a Brand That Doesn’t Get Enough Credit for Its Laptops

Looking for a brand that offers variety?

Another reason why Acer laptops are good is because from budget machines to gaming rigs, the company delivers excellent value and a wide selection of notebooks, across a spectrum of budgets. 

Awesome budget laptops include:  the colorful Chromebook 11, with its striking indigo-blue finish.  Or the lovely Chromebook 13, sporting an aluminum chassis, and a special hinge that raises the keyboard slightly for a more comfortable typing experience. 

Need an entry-level Windows system?

The Acer Aspire remains a top pick among many users thanks to its long battery life and decent performance.  Another top budget laptop is the Swift 1, with its slim aluminum chassis and wide range of ports. 

Mainstream laptops, like the Acer Spin 3 boast a strong Core i5 CPU packed into a 2 in 1 design.  Don’t forget the Aspire R15 and Aspire 7

On the premium end is the hybrid Switch 7 Black Edition and the Acer Swift 7, which comes with a surprisingly comfortable keyboard and gorgeous 14-inch display.

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5.    Acer Laptops Are Good for Gaming

Maybe you’re in the market for a relatively-inexpensive gaming laptop…

And who isn’t?

Especially when you know that with the sales of traditional hardware categories shrinking every quarter, manufacturers are working harder than ever to court gamers.

Acer may be one of the latest laptop producers to develop a dedicated gaming series.  But the marque has always had some casual gaming laptops under the larger Aspire brand.  Gaming-specific brands span the affordable Nitro series, with the tantalizing Nitro 5 and convertible Nitro Spin 5,


the Predator line introduced in 2008 as a gamer-focused brand, designed for –

“the Predator tribe,”: 

it competes against the Dell G series and Alienware, Lenovo Legion, and HP Omen.

Predators are subdivided into the conservative Helios and the all-out Triton range.  A great example of a Predator gaming laptop is the Triton 500, which proves Acer isn’t afraid to jump into the gaming arena, while bringing their mantra of thin to gaming laptops.

For half as much as the Triton 500, however, you can get the Predator Helios 300, which is among the top bestselling laptops on Amazon.

6.    Acer’s Tech Support

Another reason why Acer laptops are good is because their phone agents provide excellent customer support:  they’re friendly, giving reliable answers in a timely manner (the Dominican Republic call center has a solid knowledge of Acer products).

The website is clean and easy to navigate:  Upon entering, you’re greeted by a large screen bar that lets you enter your laptop’s serial number, ask questions, or search for a specific topic to find answers. 

You can even search for your laptop by typing the SNID number.  Once you enter the support page, you’ll see handy tabs for drivers, documents and apps.

Web chat is available from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. CST.  But don’t bother, they’re not that useful:  the agents don’t seem well-versed on the products that come on the laptops.  And they take forever to answer a question. 

Looking for answers through social media?  Taking a matter to Facebook or Twitter is an exercise in frustration as you’ll be led to either incorrect answers or (get this) suggestions to look elsewhere.

7.    Acer Warranty and Coverage

Lastly, Acer laptops come with a single-year warranty – you’ll pay $189 to $600 for an additional one to three years of warranty protection (depending on the laptop).  High-end options include accidental-damage protection. 

For example:

Most mainstream laptops come with a limited one-year warranty — Predator-branded gaming rigs get a two-year limited warranty.

But what makes Acer laptops good computers is that a one-year warranty extension for a system like an Aspire E 15 costs $60.  Bump up to two years, and that’s $90.  A three-year upgrade means you splash out $189, but that includes accidental-damage protection.  

More money gets on-site service.

Select commercial Acer laptops (read:  exclusive to the Veriton line-up) get up to a three-year limited warranty.

Need to send your laptop in to a repair-depot?  You’re on your own for getting it there, but Acer will handle return shipping. 

You can get around this by purchasing two-way shipping as an upgrade.  Or get it as part of Acer’s accidental-damage protection add-on, which covers spills and drops during the warranty period.

In Closing

Acer is a budget brand, so you get what you pay for. But we feel that on final analysis, Acer is a good laptop brand. We encourage you to checkout user reviews for the Acer laptop you’re interested in — if it looks cheap, it isn’t solid. You now have the information to go out and make a solid choice should you decide that Acer is the laptop brand for you. Use this article as your smart reference to shop laptops. Don’t ever be left out in the dark again with a limited budget wondering if the laptop you’re considering will hold up in value. Laptops are expensive investments. Make the right choice.