7 Best Office Chairs for Big Guys (2022)

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Best Office Chairs for Big Guys

While there are tons of office chairs, not all of them are designed for the big and tall. Being larger means that choosing the right chair isn’t just about comfort. It’s also about safety. We rounded up the seven best office chairs for big guys currently available from different price points to enhance your work setup. Each chair can support a minimum of 350 pounds and was used for at least a full workday to test the seat, arm and back rest comfort. We also take into consideration adjustable features, durability and common issues for the longevity of your investment.


   Weight CapacityMaterialDimensions 
1.Steelcase Leap Plus500-poundsMesh24.75"D x 31.75"W x 42.5"HView
2.HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair 450-poundsMesh25.6"D x 30.25"W x 42.88"HView
3.La-Z-Boy Delano Big and Tall Executive Leather Office Chair400-poundsLeather32.2"D x 27.5"W x 45"HView
4.Serta Executive Leather Big & Tall Office Chair350-poundsBonded Leather30.5"D x 27.25"W x 47"HView
5.AmazonBasics Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Office Chair350-poundsFaux leather 28.5"D x 30.25"W x 47.9"HView
6.YAMASORO High-Back Executive Office Chair350-poundsFaux leather 40"D x 30"W x 30"HView
7.Herman Miller Aeron Mesh Office Chair300-poundsMesh24"D x 25"W x 48"HView

Best Office Chair for Big Guys Review

1. Steelcase Leap Plus

The Steelcase Leap Plus is our top choice for the best ergonomic office chair for big guys. We must warn you, however, that it’s one of the more expensive options available. But if you believe that you can’t put a price on comfort. Then the Leap Plus is an excellent option for sitting at your desk 40+ hours a week.

Advanced technology makes it one of the most comfortable office chairs for the big and tall category. The Leap Plus perfectly matches the contours and curves of your back and spine. Leap’s Passive Seat Angles provides lower back firmness control and adjustable lumbar for proper back support. The front edge of the seat to flexes so that you can relieve the pressure behind your thighs. It’s Liveback technology allows the shape of the chair back to change and support your spine as you move. While the slats in the back allow the chair aid in support and breathability.

Not only that, but the Leap Plus is one of the most extraordinarily adjustable office chairs you’ll ever want to sit in. It measures 31.75 inches between arms. Aiding in that is the fact that the arms are adjustable, which is one of the things we quite like about the chair. They’re height adjustable, move forward and backward, pivot as well as being width adjustable.

The Leap Plus is very well-built and durable without any signs of falling apart. And since this is the Plus example, the chair has an incredible weight limit of 500 pounds.


  • Liveback technology
  • extremely comfortable
  • intuitive adjustments
  • 4D arm rest
  • reclines
  • sturdy
  • supports marathon sitting sessions
  • 500-pound weight limit


  • steep price tag
  • plastic construction
  • firm seat

2. HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

It’s not easy being big and tall. That’s why the HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair is made for larger users. A classic design encompasses a strong seat, supportive back rest and adjustable arm rests with a five-point, 360-degree caster base so you can maneuver easily around the office.

The seat is 22-inches wide and well padded. And the chair’s name telegraphs a broad and tall backrest. The breathable mesh back helps keep things ventilated to keep you cool throughout the workday. You should be able to work for hours sitting on the plush seat cushion. But it may feel a bit firm and unsupportive depending on your body. And the hard plastic around the back rest and arm rests can feel a bit uncomfortable after sitting for extended periods.

We’re spoiled by the Steelcase Leap Plus’ adjustment ability. But the array of adjustments the HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair affords means you’ll be able to find the right position to stay supported at work all day. Albeit with basic adjustability options, like seat height and tilt tension. You can also adjust the arm rests up, down, right and left to get the perfect fit. And the lumbar support also adjusts for your comfort.

The HON Executive Chair is made from durable, high-quality materials that feel sturdy resulting in a maximum weight allowance of 450 pounds. You’d think all this would add up to an overly heavy feeling chair. But it glides across the floor with relative ease.


  • lumbar support
  • durable construction
  • strong base
  • adjustability for the best seating position


  • no headrest
  • heavy, but not overly so

3. La-Z-Boy Delano Big and Tall Executive Leather Office Chair

The La-Z-Boy Delano Big and Tall Executive Office Chair is one of, if not the most popular big and tall La-Z-Boy office chairs. Like all La-Z-Boy products, it’s got severable notable features that make it a winner. And it’s built with the quality and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from the La-Z-Boy name.

Made from bonded leather, like most La-Z-Boy office chairs, strategically designed features like the ComfortCore Memory Foam padding technology and ergonomic waterfall seat design go a long way to ensure a comfortable seating experience for hours of work with no issues – Each layer of premium foam is methodically and generously distributed throughout the chair’s support system.

This unique, zone-based support system conforms to your body’s natural curves, thereby promoting a healthy posture. Additionally, each comfort feature works to reduce pressure points and help with your body’s alignment. And the waterfall seat edge promotes circulation in your legs, which has the potential to decrease fatigue and increase energy.

The one thing that seems like a huge oversight considering the company the Delano comes from is the exclusion of the Pivoting AIR Lumbar Support technology, which you can get with the Trafford Big and Tall model.

The Delano’s rich and elegantly finished wood decorating the frame and arm rest isn’t just for show. It adds stability ensuring a sturdy and smooth sitting experience. And a weight capacity of 400-pounds.


  • adjustable ergonomic settings
  • reclines
  • padded arm rest
  • ComfortCore technology
  • Memory Foam
  • high back
  • integrated headrest
  • wide seat with waterfall technology
  • 400-pound weight capacity
  • soft bonded leather
  • supportive


  • lacks Pivoting AIR Lumber technology
  • finished wood component chips over time
  • the leather can get hot
  • seat needs more cushion

4. Serta Executive Leather Big & Tall Office Chair

If value is your core concern when selecting the best office chair for big guys. Then check out the Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair. It’s a bonded leather office chair that looks good in any home or office. And it comes with lumbar support.

Just because it’s a value proposition doesn’t mean the quality is lacking. You get optimal neck support thanks to an elevated headrest designed for tall users. The ergonomic lumbar support system works to ensure you feel comfortable for hours and hours.

Along with the elevated headrest, the padded arm rests give you the support you need for working all day at your desk. Mesh office chairs are often the most breathable. But it’s hard to find many hot spots on this leather-bound chair.

A pneumatic gas lift adjusts the seat height with just a flick of the lever. The same lever unlocks the reclining mechanism, allowing you to lean back to your most comfortable position. These easy adjustments allow consistent maneuvering, adding to better airflow.

The Serta Big and Tall Office Chair combines comfort with style for a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.


  • well padded
  • you can sit comfortably for hours
  • adjustable lumbar support
  • adjustable seat height
  • 360-degree swivel
  • supports up to 400 pounds


  • difficult to assemble
  • heavy
  • few adjustments
  • thin leather upholstery
  • narrow seat width at just 21.5-inches

5. AmazonBasics Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Office Chair

If, however, economics is a more primary consideration. The AmazonBasics Big and Tall Executive Chair is our top choice for best budget big and tall office chair. Here, the company known for online retail proves to be surprisingly good at crafting quality office furniture.

With a tried-and-true design that looks reasonably good in any office environment. It features a wide, deep seat. The padding is a conventional block of foam covered by a single-stitch bonded leather.

But it does have its shortcomings. 1) While there’s enough of that block foam to be comfortable, it stops short of generous. It’s not uncomfortable. But you can find office chairs that offer more comfort for the same price. 2) Leather is rarely breathable. If you get cold easily, you’ll love this chair. But if you spend more than a handful of hours in the chair, you’re going to get hot. It’s obvious the company thought of this since the leather is at least perforated.

There’s quite a bit of adjustability for its relatively modest asking price. The height adjustment range is ideal for the big and tall. You also get an adjustable lumbar support system. That’s huge! It allows for a more fully customizable seating experience without sacrificing ergonomics.

And yes, the 360-swivel and ability to recline are fairly standard for office chairs these days. But the 135-degree rake is noteworthy. Similar priced office chairs either don’t recline or can’t recline as far.

The weight limit is the most modest on our list at only 350 pounds. On top of that if you’re near the chair’s maximum capacity, you’ll find that the seat will begin to sag more quickly than you’d expect.


  • padded arm rests
  • 360 swivel
  • 135-degree recline
  • adjustable lumbar support system


  • lower weight rating
  • isn’t as cool as some of the other seats

6. YAMASORO High-Back Executive Office Chair

YAMASORO is a value brand of office furniture. And yet the YAMASORO High-Back Chair delivers the kind of features you long for in a comfortable office chair, even while utilizing low-end materials to keep costs down.

The YAMASORO High-Back Chair is a cut above what you’d expect from the world of budget furniture with a design that skews toward the big and tall. Comfort is this chair’s main selling point. Basic ergonomic features, include a padded headrest, arm rest and a comfortable waterfall-style seat. The seat padding is especially impressive featuring a conventional block of foam that makes it astonishingly thick at 5.9-inches.

But while there’s plenty of padding, the pillowed upholstery may not appeal to you. The chair sports, however, an S-shaped seat back which follows the natural curvature of your body’s spine. This feature is further enhanced by a lumbar support system, an ergonomic headrest and ergonomically designed arm rests that flip up.

Like the AmazonBasics Big and Tall Executive Chair above, the YAMASORO High-Back Chair reclines a maximum 135 degrease so you can lounge in both style and comfort.

The chair also supports 350 pounds and comes with an aluminum base. The aesthetics will blend into any office décor. The drawback here is that the upholstery is bonded leather, which has a bad habit of premature aging.


  • soft, plush leather
  • decent padding
  • comfortable
  • easy to clean
  • tilting backrest can be locked in angle
  • foldable arm rests


  • questionable hydraulic piston quality
  • no adjustable ergonomic features

7. Herman Miller Aeron Mesh Office Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron is one of the nicest mesh-backed chairs you’ll sit in. It’s very comfortable and comes with an assortment of adjustment features.

The arm rests are especially comfortable. Similar to the YAMASORO High-Back Chair above, they’re heavily padded. Detracting from the comfort is the fact that the backrest stops slightly lower than other mid-back chairs, which is lower than many chairs on this list. Other than that, the seat has adequate padding that’s quite usable for full day of work.

The Aeron lacks some of the adjustability of premium models. There’s a lot of adjustment for the backrest and lumbar support. It’s even equipped with the PostureFit SL Lumbar Support system, which consists of two pads designed to conform to your body and support your lower back. While you can adjust the level of support and firmness, you can’t adjust the height of the pads.

But you get three different reclining limiters that you can set: straight up, halfway reclined and all the way back. The reclining resistance knob is easy to reach underneath the front of the chair and makes it easy to set your desired resistance. And while you can more the arm rests up, down, forward, back and even swivel. It’s a challenge to make them the left and right arm parallel to each other since the level mechanism requires both hands to operate. You also can’t move the arm rests narrower or wider to accommodate you. Ditto the seat pan depth, it can’t be adjusted.

While the Aeron is solidly built, you may take issue with the fit of the chair depending on your personal preferences. But after testing it doesn’t show any signs of wear and tear. Weight capacity is 300 pounds.


  • very light
  • maneuverable
  • mesh material is breathable
  • adjustable lumbar support
  • PostureFit technology
  • fairly easy to get into an ergonomic position


  • pricey
  • no headrest
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Best Office Chair for Big Guys Guide

While there aren’t quite as many big and tall office chair options on the market, there’s enough variety to make choosing one challenging. Here’s what you need to know to make the best office chair for big guys.

Weight Capacity

According to ANSI/BIFMA standards, 400 pounds is the benchmark when designing office chairs for the big and tall individuals. By default, a big and tall office chair should offer a higher weight capacity. The common range is between 350 to 500 pounds, with 400 pounds being the most common weight limit.

But maybe the weight capacity of a chair isn’t as important a consideration to you when it comes to shopping for a big and tall chair. With that in mind, every chair on our list is between 350 to 500 pounds. Even if you’re not up to 400 pounds, this weight limit is a sign of a sturdy and well-built chair.


The next most important feature to consider when shopping for the best office chairs for big guys is seat height. At first you may not think this is all that important because most chairs offer height adjustments. But tall users need to pay particular attention to the minimum and maximum height ranges an office chair offers to sit comfortably.

Depending on the chair, height adjustment ranges from 3- to 10-inches. Traditional office chairs range between 3- to 6- inches of height adjustment. The latest trend in office furniture is Active Sitting. These chairs are designed for standing desks and therefore tend to offer the most seat height adjustment of up to 10-inches.


ANSI/BIFMA guidelines suggest that 22-inches is the preferable seat width for the big and tall individual. A standard office chair only offers a seat width of approximately 18- to 20-inches. The best office chair for big guys should feature wider dimensions. The proper seat widths for big guys tend to range from 21- to 24-inches. And the cushion for these seats should be made of a high-density foam with a good cushion thickness of 2.5 inches or more.

Lumbar Support

A typical office worker sits for 5 to 7 hours a day. An office chair that provides good ergonomic support for your spine and hips can add hours to your productivity. What you want is an S-shaped chair back. The frame is designed to follow the contours of your spine. Even mesh chairs sometimes have support behind the mesh or extra padding to support your lower back.

Premium office chairs even give you the power to adjust the lumbar for a customized fit. They’ll have materials like memory foam add support. Prioritize office chairs with built-in lumbar support for the health and well-being of your lower back.


As a big and tall user the depth of a chair is important not only for comfort. But a chair that offers a deep enough seat also helps promote good blood flow through your lower extremities. You want to prioritize chairs with a waterfall edge to support proper blood flow (we’ll explain what this is below).

For optimal support, you want a chair that offers a 5-star base. It’ll be made of reinforced resin or heavy-duty metal. Look for smooth dual wheel casters with a 360-degree swivel.

Additional Adjustability Features

To really get comfortable, we find that a chair needs to be adjustable. Consider options like whether or not the chair comes with features like footrests, adjustable flip-up arm rests, a recline or tilt-lock feature, an adjustable lumbar support, angle adjustments, a backrest that can be adjusted independently of the seat (true recline) and of course a waterfall edge.

  • Waterfall Edge: These are seats that gently slope downward under your thighs. It helps maintain blood circulation and aids in overall comfort.
  • Adjustable Arm Rest: You’d be surprised how important proper arm rest support can be to your overall comfort. Another facet to keep in mind is the adjustability of the arm rest for the chair you want.
  • Tilt Tension Control: Do you want a chair that can rock back and forth or not? Sometimes we want to recline deeply in our chair and other times not. A chair that gives you an option to do recline and lock things in position adds to comfort.

Other adjustability features can improve the customization of your office chair for a truly one-of-a-kind seating experience. But keep in mind the more adjustment options on offer, the more expensive the chair.


Longevity is key when making this kind of investment. Therefore, you want to look for chairs made from durable materials to resist wear and tear so that you spend more time working in your chair than shopping for a new chair.

Most office chairs are made of mesh, some kind of fabric, faux leather and even real leather materials. While choosing the right material for your chair can be subjective, here are some things to think about to help you zero in on the best material for you:

Mesh is the most affordable and also the most breathable material. Thanks to innovations in the office chair industry, materials like bonded or PU leather office chairs are becoming more breathable. An office chair with a fully padded backrest, however, will often be the least breathable.  

How to Measure for the Best Office Chair for Your Body

One of the most important considerations for a big and tall user is the size of the seat. If it’s too small, you’ll feel constricted, and you won’t be able to sit in it for long.

If it’s too big, all the components of the chair will be misaligned with your body and you’ll never be able to feel truly comfortable.

Here’s the best way to figure out the ideal office chair for you (you’ll need measuring tape for this):

  1. Sit upright in any chair you can find. Your back should be flat with your tailbone flush against the backrest. Your legs should be in a natural “v” shape in front of you the way you sit normally.
  2. From your tailbone, measure the distance from where it’s touching the backrest to the end of your outer thigh.
  3. Then, subtract 1- to 2-inches to approximate the best seat depth. The number you get is the best seat depth to comfortably support your bottom. It also leaves a small gap to allow blood circulation for your thighs and legs.
  4. Next, you want to find the proper seat width for you. With your thighs still in their natural “v” shape, run the tape measure from the outer edge of your knee to the outer edge of your other knee.
  5. Then, add 2- to 3-inches. This is the ideal seat width for your body. This width will comfortably support your body while leaving at least a 1-inch gap on either side for wiggle room. Your target chair should fall within these measurements.

In Closing

Since you’ll typically sit for 5 to 7 hours a day, it’s wise to invest in a quality office chair. Our top choice, and the best ergonomic chair on the list is the Steelcase Leap Plus. It’s LiveBack technology makes it extremely comfortable, and it has a 500-pound weight capacity – the largest weight capacity on the list. Our next choice is the HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair. The 22-inch seat is wide and well-padded, and it offers an array of adjustments. And our third choice is the La-Z-Boy Delano Big and Tall Executive Office Chair for its ComfortCore Memory Foam and zone-based support system.