The Best Time to Buy a Laptop Computer and Get Discounts

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Best Time to Buy a Computer

The best time to buy a computer is black Friday, during holiday sales, back-to-school season, tax-free weekend, the spring season, and Amazon Prime Day. The best time to buy a computer that trumps them all, however, is when your laptop suddenly craps out on you. But if you can wait, you’ll take advantage of amazing discounts! Fortunately, super laptop sales and model refreshes go on throughout the entire year so you can also benefit from the release of new technologies. To avoid the kind of buyer’s remorse that comes with watching the laptop you bought for $1200 go on sale next week for $850. Choose one of these insider pro tips to help you spot and maximize incredible savings.

The Best Time to Buy a Computer and Enjoy Massive Discounts

If your laptop is showing signs of dying, it’s time for a new one. Especially if the model you have is on the verge of getting phased out. Once that happens, you won’t even be able to get technical help or software support which opens you up to becoming the victim of cybercrimes.

Laptop manufacturers, like Lenovo have year-round discount offers. A handful of others like HP and Dell also offer exclusive deals to site members. But just in case you’re not a site member, some of the best times of the year to buy a computer like a laptop include:


The back-to-school shopping season is the best time of year to buy a computer, particularly between the last week of July and the first three weeks of August. This is when the shopping for school supplies “frenzy is in full force.”

You’ll find great deals on awesome laptops along with the other back-to-school sales. You can buy laptops with deep discounts as early as June all the way to September. You’ll want to start looking for advertising sales signs during the last month of summer vacation and the first month of the new school year.

Some vendors will even run specials in July to get a jump on the back-to-school sales rush. You’ll find many discounts during the month of September; some deals come out even sooner.

Don’t neglect those student and teacher discounts. Brands that hand these out include Lenovo, Samsung and Apple. If you can prove that you’re a student or teacher, you’ll qualify for money-saving deals.

Early November

Along with the back-to-school sales season. The end of November and the end of December are the best time to buy a computer. Prices are at their lowest during the holiday season as consumers shop for gifts. And manufacturers want to take advantage of the increased consumer purchases.

The month of November is the official kick-off of the whole holiday buying season. This is when you’re most likely to find prices for newer models at the same price point as older laptops. (But prices for older models may not be any cheaper than you found them in April.)

Some manufacturers and resellers start their holiday offers on or before Thanksgiving. You can find a few that roll out huge discounts as early as the beginning of November.

Black Friday

Pay close attention to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and “One-Day-Only” sales that extend throughout the month of November.

You’ll find sweet price drops on top-notch laptops during Black Friday sales. Consumers spent a whopping $9 billion for online purchases during Black Friday 2020.

Computers were among the biggest sales. Many had discounts of more 70%! Web offers help you snag a laptop originally priced over $1000 for much less.

If you want to be more pro-active, you can begin your hunt for savings a few days or even weeks before Black Friday. While they won’t be as big as those on Black Friday, you can still secure discounts of a generous 50% or more.

NOTE: Black Friday is always on a Friday right after Thanksgiving.

Cyber Monday

But if you’re not enthusiastic about dealing with the throngs of people that will be in those crowded stores and the impossibly long lines. You’ll find similarly well-priced laptops with Cyber-Monday sales.

Cyber Monday 2020 saw on-line shopping sales of a staggering $10 billion. Just like Black Friday, computer electronic were treated to price-drops of over 70%.

NOTE: Cyber Monday happens on the Monday following Black Friday.


Did Thanksgivings turkey make you sleep through Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Not to worry. Deals are notorious for spanning the month of December too!

December marks the start of the “clearance” period for practically every retailer out there. This is when you’ll see lots of clearance and outlet sales; these allow manufacturers and retailers to make room for new models. Why are these sales days important to them? Because the next month is January, the month of CES the highly anticipated time when they’ll get to unveil new products and technologies.

Offering lower prices for older models makes room for storage space. While the software on such laptops might be outdated by a couple of months. The clearance models are in fact brand new. Once you make your purchase, you can update the software easily enough.


The phrase – New Year, New Me – also applies to laptops as this is when you’re sure to find new models on the shelves. And since these are new models, you’ll want to consider a warranty to protect your investment.

Spring Season

If you’re looking for discounts on an older model. Consumer Reports suggests that April and May are the best time of year to buy a laptop.

A drop-in laptop prices happens every April like clockwork. Stores rush to clear out old inventory to make way for new models. Expect extraordinary discounts from major vendors in this season.

NOTE: This is a great time to get a 17-inch or bigger Desktop Replacement.

But while this is the perfect time to stake your claim on a next-to-latest model (or even one that’s slightly older). That’s not always the case. Some manufacturers may decide not to lower prices. Or they may choose to remove the older laptops from the shelf all together.

Sometimes there isn’t even that much of a price difference between an older laptop and the newest generation. And in rare cases the older model can be more expensive than the new one! This phenomenon is especially true of MacBooks.

Tax-Free Weekend

If your state holds a sales-tax-free weekend, this is a perfect opportunity to grab hold of fantastic discounts. States usually roll these out during early summer to encourage shoppers to open their wallets.

But while tax holidays can mark an advantageous time for students as well as adults to buy a laptop computer, sometimes your state will impose limits on how much the device can cost before you can a avoid sales tax.

NOTE: Tax-free weekend is usually the last weekend of May.

Amazon Prime Day

Finally, another great time of year to land a honey of a bargain is Amazon Prime Day. This occurs in mid-July when many students are in the market for a new computer.

It’s an annual shopping holiday created by Amazon that in recent past has lasted as long as 36 to 48 hours. Not only that but sometimes the company drums up hype for the event by launching deals weeks leading up to Prime Day.

Save with Cashback Rewards

Did you know that your credit card can help you save on your laptop acquisition? Some credit card companies, like: Bank of America, Capital One and Chase have cashback rewards for electronic purchases. You can even use one of these cards to get 0% financing.

Manufacturers like Lenovo have their own cashback offers. All you need to qualify is become a member of their official website. Once eligible, start earning rewards for almost any item purchased off the site. Then, deduct the accumulated cashback rewards on future purchases.

Research and Compare for Huge Discounts

If price is an important factor for you. You’ll need to comparison shop to ensure you’re not getting a raw deal. Deal tracking sites that monitor price changes over time are invaluable tools for determining if the current price for a laptop is the lowest price you can get for it.


A free price-history tool like CamelCamelCamel will help you see the price-history graph for thousands of laptops. It works exclusively for Amazon to track price changes over time; you can see if the price you’re getting on a laptop today is truly the lowest it’s ever been.

Not only does it send you an alert when there’s a price drop. But you can even see the lowest price a laptop has ever been.

Hover Hound

Similarly, Hover Hound is exclusive to Newegg and serves to compare the prices of laptops on Amazon to what’s available on Newegg. You can even find out if the item is Amazon Prime eligible. Unfortunately, it can only take you from Newegg to Amazon and not the other way around.

Price Grabber

PriceGrabber is a price-comparison shopping site that provides information on a wide variety of products. It makes comparing the price of a laptop from two different retailers easy. And you can even see the projected tax and shipping cost information.

Google Shopping

Formerly Product Listing Ads, Google has recently been promoting this renamed feature of its search engine. It allows you to search, view and compare products. As long as the retailer uses GoogleShopping you’ll be able to compare laptop prices right from the search engine results page.

Brad’s Deals

Another handy comparison-shopping tool is Brad’s Deals. It’s a website created by consumer advocates that tell you where and how to get the best deals on the things you want and need, like a laptop. While you don’t buy directly from the site. Once you click on a deal you like, you’re “whisked” away to the retailer where you can finalize the purchase.

Honey Chrome

And finally, you can stack your savings by using the Honey Chrome extension. We have this useful tool on our laptops. It easily installs on your Internet browser to locate coupons before you check out from any online retail store by tracking down thousands of discount codes and applying them to your order.  

Look for Rebates

Mondays are the best days of the week to shop for a laptop. This is the day when laptop manufacturers announce rebates, which can give you money back on your purchase.

If a store doesn’t mention a rebate. You can ask the clerk to check on the manufacturer’s rebate for the laptop you’re most interested in to save a bit of cheddar. It will require a little digging. But you can even search for rebates online under the laptop vendor’s name.


But if you still can’t find any rebates from the manufacturer, websites like Rakuten will give you cashback on your purchase when you make a purchase through their site. All you have to do is sign up before you make the transaction to get the rebate.


Make your purchase from Amazon through the Ibotta app and you can receive up to 5% cashback. This may not seem like much. Going through these channels might even seem like a hassle. But in the grand scheme of things maximizing every dollar spent helps.

Buy Refurbished and Save Big

Refurbished clearance laptops are neither brand new nor used. Some are in-store models. Others are items returned due to small cosmetic issues. They go through an additional set of quality control channels to make them “good-as-new.”

You Can Also Save with Trade-in Deals

As a response to the growing concerns about e-waste, a few laptop manufacturers, like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, Acer, Asus and select retailers will accept trade-ins. The process is a lot like a vehicle trade-in: you swap your old device for cash (or equal cash voucher). And you can deduct the trade-in value to offset the cost of your new device.

More Ways to Get Discount

Visit Deal News Sites

These sites are great at keeping an up-to-date list for the pricing of laptops. You can even get alerts to let you know when the best deals become available. Highly recommended technology news sites include: BensBargains, Laptopmag and Techbargains.

Join Manufacturer Newsletters

You can get the insider scoop on offers by joining a laptop manufacturer’s newsletter. These memberships give you early access to promotions. Sometimes they even offer first-time subscribers stackable discount coupons – most subscriptions only ask you for a valid email address.

User Reviews

Laptop review sites aren’t just great for contrasting laptops. They can sometimes provide information on when deals are happening. Unfortunately, there are some fake review sites meant to boost the ratings of a retailer’s website to be cautious of. A resource like FakeSpot comes in very handy to sniff ‘em out.


The best time to buy a new computer is when the need arises. But if you can stand the wait, you can snag a deal in late summer, holiday seasons, and mid-spring. Often, a CPU or GPU release can lead to the launch of a whole new laptop on the vendors side along with model refreshes; at that time, you’ll see many computer deals and sales. But in the world of laptops, a model refresh and new laptop offer doesn’t mean older models will be cheaper. Many times, prices stay consistent. But you may be able to pick up a new laptop for the same price as the old model. Try one of these strategies to save more money on your computer purchase this year.