What’s the Best Time to Buy a Gaming Laptop?

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Best Time to Buy a Gaming Laptop

According to most hardcore gamers, the best time of the year to buy a gaming laptop is around November. This is when the holiday buying season begins, and lots of websites and stores will offer deals on many products, including gaming laptops. With Black Friday approaching, you should find a lot of gaming laptops to match your budget. Many newer models will be at the same price point as older ones, which many of us won’t be able to resist! For more ideas on the best times of the year to score an awesome gaming laptop and get the best deal, keep reading.

Other Times of the Year to Buy a Gaming Laptop

Besides Black Friday, there are other times of the year that are ripe for picking the perfect gaming laptop at a reduced price. Of course, the deals may not be as irresistible, but they can be suitable for many budgets.

Prime Day

While it’s exclusive to Prime users, Amazon’s Prime Day is an excellent time to buy a gaming laptop. This sale event has quickly become one of the biggest and most important opportunities for deals on many products.

Therefore, if you wish to save some cash and get a reliable gaming laptop at the same time, consider subscribing to an Amazon Prime account.

Amazon Deals

In some cases, Amazon will have offers and discounts on gaming laptops throughout the year. You just have to pay close attention and stay up to date. Once the price of a laptop matches your budget, don’t hesitate to go for it.

We don’t expect you to sign into your Amazon account every day to check for prices. For that reason, it’s a great idea to subscribe to the Amazon email list for deals. That way, you’ll be notified when a random sale takes place.

July and August

Some of the best deals happen around July and August, too, which is smack dab in the middle of the back-to-school shopping season. This is a great chance to buy a gaming laptop that’s also suitable for school or college.

Talk about a win-win situation!

Important Considerations for the Perfect Gaming Laptop

If you’re a beginner in the gaming world, you might feel the urge to buy any laptop that meets your budget. But, to ensure that you get the best out of your gaming laptop, price shouldn’t be your only focus.

By following points below, you’re all but insured a lag and glitch-free gaming experience.

A Solid GPU

The most important thing that you should look for in a gaming laptop is a good GPU, which many games rely on for performance. What makes this component extra crucial is that you can’t upgrade it in a laptop.

As a result, you must buy a laptop with a sturdy GPU so that you’ll be able to play games at high settings for years to come.

Of course, you should determine the type of gaming experience you’ll be going for before settling on a GPU. Not only will that limit your search, but it’ll also affect the overall price of the gaming laptop.

Even if gaming laptops are on sale, you’ll find them at various prices according to their specs. Thus, you must find a balanced mix of price, GPU performance, and your desired gaming settings.

You’ll have to choose between entry-level, mainstream, and top-quality gaming. Each gaming experience matches a certain type of GPU. Make your decision based on your preferences and your budget.

A Reliable CPU

The CPU is another part of a laptop that you can’t upgrade, so you’ll need to think carefully before settling on a laptop. Still, since most mainstream games rely more on GPU performance, you could go for a mid-range CPU and still wind up with a potent machine.

Depending on your budget, it’s a good idea to shoot for a Core i5, i7, or i9 processor for gaming. Go for ninth-generation processors or higher for the best performance.

A Decent RAM

The greatest thing about RAM is it’s one of the few components in a laptop you can expand whenever you have the funds. However, you should start with a laptop that has at least 8GBs of RAM. It’ll allow you to play entry-level and mainstream games smoothly with nearly glitch-free experience.

If you have a larger budget, we recommend going for 16GB RAM instead. This way, your laptop should be able to handle higher game settings and multitasking without a hitch, right out of the box.

As time goes on, you can always increase RAM to enhance your gameplay.

Plenty of Storage

Many games can take up to 40GBs of disk space, if not more. To keep your hard disk from filling up quickly, you should invest in a gaming laptop that’ll hold all your favorite games comfortably.

You should also decide if you want a hard drive vs. SSD. Luckily, some gaming laptops have both, but the more affordable ones may only have a 1TB mechanical hard drive (MHD). Again, your choice will be based on your budget and how the rest of the specs fit together.

Generally, 1TB of space should be a good starting point for an entry-level gamer. Once you dive deeper into the gaming world, you could always increase your storage space to 2TB or higher.

Clear Display

Many people overlook their laptop’s display and focus more on the previous specs. But since gaming is primarily a viewing experience. Getting a gaming laptop with a decent display is almost as essential as ensuring that its performance is top-notch.

You’ll see all the awesome graphics and experience the adventures of your games through the attached screen. Thus, you should take a moment to make sure that the display matches your expectations.

First, determine the size that you want. Gaming laptops are available with 14 to 18-inch screens. Therefore, you should pick the dimensions according to your needs. While bigger displays can help you immerse yourself in the game, they’ll make the laptop heavier, and bulkier to manage.

Second, find a screen with a good resolution. Don’t settle for anything less than 1920×1080, but it’s not common to find lower resolutions anyway. 4K is even better, but it’ll increase the overall price of the laptop.

Lastly, it’s not the best idea to invest in a gaming laptop with a touchscreen. It’s not necessarily bad, but you’ll most likely not need this feature. It’ll quickly reduce the laptop’s battery life, and it tends to make the display uncomfortably glossy. Not to mention makes the laptop more expensive.

Battery Life

If you choose to buy a gaming laptop, understand that these are not laptop systems with a huge battery life. Gaming will usually require you to plug your rig into a power outlet to get the full performance out of the GPU. If you rely on the battery alone, the best you can expect is usually an hour of gaming.

Sure, you could help the laptop stay awake for longer, but it’ll affect the display. No one likes to play Call of Duty on a dim display, right?

The bottom line is, when you go shopping for a gaming laptop, don’t concern yourself with its battery life. Of course, you’ll want to take this factor into account if you’ll be using the laptop for taking notes at school, web browsing, listening to music, etc.


So, should you wait for new gaming laptops to hit the market, or go ahead and pull the trigger on one you’ve had your eye on now? After considering all these factors and matching them against your budget, you’ll be able to make a well-thought-out decision you’ll be happy with. Unless there’s going to be some new technology coming out in a gaming rig set to launch soon, buying now is usually a pretty safe bet. Along the same lines, purchasing a gamer from last year or last season is a cost-effective way to secure a gaming machine without over-spending.