How Much Can 128GB Hold for All Your Sacred Files?

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How Much Can 128GB Hold

Is a laptop with a 128GB SSD enough to hold all your photos, videos and music files? It depends. For a standard Windows laptop where the Windows operating system only leaves around 90 to 100GB of space, probably not. But on a platform like a Chromebook, 128GB could be enough. If you’re of the same mind that you don’t always need a lot to get things done. Then you’ll appreciate the fact that in what follows we’re going to show you just how much of your photos, videos and music files 128GB of storage can hold. Let’s dive in.

How Many Photos Can 128GB Hold?

On average, a 128GB memory card or storage drive can hold about 35,500 photos taken with a 12MP camera—the file size of each photo is around 3.5MB.

Still, the number of photos that 128GB can hold varies depending on file format and camera resolution—both of which affect photo file size.

JPEG Files

JPEG is the most popular file format for photos, and it’s the default file format that’s used in most smartphone cameras and digital cameras.

When you take a picture with a smartphone or a digital camera, the device compresses the raw image and saves it as a JPEG file. This compression method gets rid of the picture’s extra data, resulting in a smaller file size.

Depending on the amount of compression a photo receives, the JPEG file size can range from 1MB to a little over 10MB.

If your photos are typically 5MB in size, then an empty 128GB card or drive can store around 25,500 photos.

RAW Files

While some smartphone cameras can shoot and work with RAW files, this file format is usually reserved for DSLR cameras.

RAW files are photo formats that aren’t compressed and are typically much larger in size than JPEG files.

Normally, RAW files range in size from 20MB to over 30MB. As a result, 128GB holds fewer RAW photos than JPEG photos.

A camera that has a 128GB card and produces 25MB RAW files, for example, can store around 4,300 photos.

DNG Files

DNG files differ from RAW files in that you can access them on a computer through Adobe programs.

Aside from that, they’re typically the same size as RAW files, so you can store the same amount of DNG files on a 128GB card as you would RAW files.

Camera Resolution

Camera resolution plays an important role in file size, which affects how many photos 128GB can hold.

Lower-quality cameras produce small-sized photos, and as the quality increases, so does the size of the photo file.

An iPhone 12, for example, has a 12MP camera resolution that produces a JPEG file that’s about 3.5MB in size.

A Nikon D3500, on the other hand, has approximately 24 megapixels, resulting in a JPEG file that’s approximately 12.1MB in size and a RAW file that’s approximately 20.5MB.

If either device has empty 128GB, it can store around:

  • 36,500 JPEG photos on the iPhone 12
  • 10,500 JPEG photos on the Nikon D3500
  • 6,200 RAW photos on the Nikon DS3500

Accordingly, in order to store more photos on a 128GB card or drive, you may have to compromise on quality.

How Many Videos Can 128GB Hold?

Videos occupy a lot of storage space, especially if they’re in HD or higher resolution. As a result, the number of videos that 128GB can store varies depending on the video resolution.

The resolution of a video, and thus its size, is heavily influenced by factors such as Bitrate and  frame rate.

720p Resolution

One minute of 720p video is around 105MB, and 128GB equals 128,000MB.

If we divide 128,000MB by 105MB, it gives us around 1,219MB, which is about 1,219 minutes or slightly more than 20 hours.

However, when other factors are taken into consideration, 128GB can hold between 15 and 20 hours of 720p HD video.

1080p Resolution

Most 1080p videos are around 150MB and 280MB. This range is an average of 1080p at 24fps, 30fps, and 60fps videos that are under an hour.

You can store up to 14 hours of 1080p video on a 128GB card or drive. If you have longer-than-average videos, though, you can expect the 128GB to hold less than seven hours of videos.

4K at 30fps

4K videos, regardless of Bitrate, can be quite large. So, it’s useful to know just the amount of storage space that a 4K file requires before downloading 4K videos on your laptop.

A single minute of a 4K video at 30 frames per second is around 320MB to 350MB, which means that 128GB can store around six to seven hours of 4K videos at 30fps.

4K at 60fps

4K videos at 60fps are one of the best and highest video qualities out there. It makes sense, then, that 4K videos can be quite massive.

They’re so large that, while a minute of 1080p video at 60 frames per second is about 175MB, a minute of 4K video at the same frame rate is about 400 MB.

Accordingly, 128GB can hold around 320 minutes of 4K footage at 60fps, which is approximately five hours.

How Many Songs Can 128GB Hold?

128GB can hold thousands of songs, but the exact number varies depending on file format and size.

MP3 Files

MP3 is an audio file that, just like JPEG, uses a compression method to reduce the file size. You can have high-quality MP3 files, though.

The quality, length, and Bitrate are all factors that influence the size of an MP3 file. The average size of MP3 files is about 4-5MB.

If we divide 128GB by 4MB MP3 files, we can store about 32,000 files. And 25,600 files if each song is 5MB.

A 128GB card or drive can definitely hold more or less audio files since not all MP3 files have the same size. Some files may be larger than 5MB, and others can be smaller than 4MB.

FLAC Files

FLAC files are also compressed audio files. But they’re losslessly compressed, which means no audio data is removed when the file is compressed.

In addition, FLAC files can support up to 96kHz resolution, which is a better quality than CDs.

That’s why FLAC files can be significantly larger—almost six times larger—than MP3 files. They’re mostly between 20MB and 30MB, which means that a 128GB card can store from 4,300 to 6,400 FLAC audio files.

How Many Movies Can 128GB Hold?

A movie’s resolution isn’t the only thing that affects its size. The type of movie also affects its size. So, a 720p movie from iTunes may have a different file size than the Bluray version.

Here are the average sizes of movie sizes depending on type:

  • A 720p movie from iTunes is around 4GB, while a 1080p movie is around 5GB
  • A DVD Rip is around 700MB
  • A 720p Bluray Rip is around 1GB, and a 1080p Rip is around 3.5 GB

Then, on average, a 128GB card or drive can store around:

  • 32 720p movies from iTunes
  • 26 1080p movies from iTunes
  • 183 DVD Rips
  • 128 720p Bluray Rips
  • 36 1080p Bluray Rips