How to Remove Page Numbers in Google Docs

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Page numbers are helpful. Should your documents become separated, they make it easy to put back together at a glance. Many classes in school require page numbers. Work documents often require numbering. So, the need to make an edit to the sequence is fairly common. Google Docs have come a long way to include many flexible features to make the application of page numbers easy. But sometimes the process of removing the edit is quite different than adding it (like if you need to change the order of the document). Here’s how to remove page numbers in Google docs in a few short steps.

Remove Page Numbers in Google Docs from Browser

These steps are the same regardless of the web browser you’re using:

Step 1:

Sign into your Google Drive in the desktop version of your browser.

Step 2:

Open the document for which you want to remove page numbers.

Step 3:

Double click the page number on the document, which can be located either in the header of footer area.

Step 4:

Delete the page number by pressing the BACKSPACE or DELETE key on your laptop.

NOTE: Since the Google Docs application treats all the pages within a document as combined objects. Deleting page numbers from one page deletes page number from all pages within that document automatically.

Remove Page Numbers from the First Page of a Google Doc

In some cases, you want the page numbers to begin on the second page of your document. For instance, if the first page of your document is the title page, or you have a few index pages before the main context. You don’t need those first pages numbered since they’re not part of the main context.

Here’s how to omit the pages you don’t want numbered:

Step 1:

Once signed into your Google Drive, open your Google Docs document.

Step 2:

Double click the page number either in the header or footer area.

Step 3:

You should see a checkbox and dropdown options below the header margin.

Step 4:

Check the box marked Different first page.

This will prevent the first page from being numbered. The first page of your document will occur on the subsequent page. To move the first numbered page to say the 5th page in a document, just keep reading.

How to Change the Starting Number for a Page in Google Docs

One of the features we find useful in Google Docs is that you’re given the option of starting the page number from another page other than the first one that appears in the document.

Step 1:

Navigate to Google Docs.

Step 2:

Click on the Insert Menu.

Step 3:

Select Page Numbers from the drop-down menu.

Step 4:

From here you can choose which page you’d like to start the page numbering on.

NOTE: You’ll also be given the option to add page numbers either to the header or footer of the pages in your document.

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How to Remove Page Numbers in Google Docs from the Mobile App

Suppose you need to make changes to a Google document via a mobile device like your phone. For instance, you need to make changes to the ordering of your document before you step into a meeting.

The steps for editing page numbers on mobile are similar to the instructions for making changes when accessing Google Docs from the web:

Step 1:

This time, open Google Docs android/iPhone app on your mobile device.

Step 2:

Open the document for which you need to edit page numbers.

Step 3:

Click on the Pencil Icon to start editing the document.

Step 4:

Select the Three-Dot Menu Icon. Then, toggle Print Layout.

Step 5:

Select the Header Box in the document by tapping on the upper part of the document’s page and enter the number for which you want the page numbering to start.

Step 6:

Tap outside of the box to save it.

Step 7:

To remove the header, select All Text and choose the Cut option to delete. This removes the entire header box from the document allowing the numbering to begin on the next page.