How to Turn Off mouse Acceleration – Fortnite

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Mouse Acceleration Fortnite

Mouse acceleration is a detrimental feature to gaming, especially shooter games. Mouse acceleration as the name implies allows your cursor to travel further when you physically move the mouse. The faster you move the mouse, the farther the cursor travels. While ordinarily this is a fantastic feature for all other activities, gameplay is much improved once it’s disabled. At least that’s the conventional wisdom. There are times when you may want to keep mouse acceleration on, which we’ll explore. But generally, you want your movements to have an exact 1:1 ratio when gaming for consistent mouse travel and precise aim. Here’s how to do disable mouse acceleration in Fortnite.

Turn Off Mouse Acceleration – Fortnite

You will need to turn off mouse acceleration in a couple of areas before you can do so in Fortnite. The first place you want to disable mouse acceleration is in the Windows operating system. Next, the mouse software (if applicable). Then Fortnite.

Turning Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows

Step 1:

Open the Start menu and type mouse settings and press ENTER.

Step 2:

Click, additional mouse settings.

Step 3:

Navigate to the Pointer Options tab.

Step 4:

Uncheck Enhance pointer precision and be sure the pointer speed is in the middle.

Turning Off Mouse Acceleration in Software

The way to disable the mouse acceleration in your mouse’s software depends on your particular mouse. For instance, if you have a gaming mouse. It should come with software that gives you the option to disable mouse acceleration.

Turning Off Mouse Acceleration in Fortnite

Step 1:

Open the Start menu and type run. Then click ENTER.

Step 2:

Type, %appdata% and OK.

Step 3:

Once in the appdata folder, navigate to Local > Fortnite Game > Saved > Config > Windows Client.

Step 4:

Right-click GameUserSettings and click Properties.

Step 5:

Read-Only should be unchecked. Click Apply and OK.

Step 6:

Right-click again and click Open With. Then choose Notepad.

Step 7:

Navigate to DisableMouseAcceleration.

Step 8:

Finally, change the value from false to true.

Now when you play Fortnite, you’ll have greater precision and faster movement without being off target. Here’s a video that’ll show you how to do it.

No Mouse Acceleration in Fortnite Battle Royale

However, it’s been confirmed by Michael Noland, lead programmer at Epic Games, that there is no mouse acceleration or mouse smoothing in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Despite the fact that some players have discovered a hidden config setting suggesting mouse acceleration is enabled by default in Fortnite. Noland assures that Fortnite uses raw input, regardless of the Windows mouse settings.

So, What’s the Confusion?

Here’s the line of code causing all the confusion: bDisableMouseAcceleration=False

See it for yourself by going to GameUserSettings file saved in the path: AppData > Local > FortniteGame > Config > WindowsClient.

Since Disable=False is a double negative, this suggests that mouse acceleration is enabled when it’s not.

Why the Code?

Noland explains more in this Reddit thread. But in short, the code is routed to the Mac OS. It has no impact on PC users. Unless you’re playing Fortnite using a Mac and changed the config setting to True. There’s nothing to worry about since Fortnite uses raw input.

Should I Also Turn Off Enhanced Pointer Precision When Gaming?

Enhanced Pointer Precision is a form of mouse acceleration that’s been around since Windows XP. It’s enabled by default. But gamers should disable this feature for improved gaming performance.

Since it doesn’t have a linear increase across the board, it’s not completely accurate. So, when it comes to gaming. Even the slightest mouse movement exponentially increases cursor speed.

How to Disable Enhanced Pointer Precision

Step 1:

Press the Windows icon on your keyboard. Then click the Settings icon.

Step 2:

From the Settings window, select Devices.

Step 3:

Select the Mouse section. Click Additional settings on the right pane.

Step 4:

On the Mouse Properties window, navigate to the Pointer Options.

Step 5:

Uncheck the box next to Enhance pointer precision in the Motion section.

Step 6:

Finally, click Apply and OK to confirm the change.

But Before You Turn Off Mouse Acceleration

Call of Duty is another fast-paced FPS game that’s most enjoyable when you have full control over the mouse. But contrary to prevailing wisdom, there are advantages to leaving mouse acceleration turned on. For instance, former CSGO champion and current Valorant pro, Timothy “automatic” Ta plays with the setting turned on.

Although there are many guides telling you to turn off mouse acceleration. Like all game settings, it’s up to you whether or not you want to turn off mouse acceleration. Understanding what’s behind each choice will help you make the best decision.

Why You May Want to Keep Mouse Acceleration On

Particularly, if you only have a small amount of physical room to move your mouse. You may want to keep mouse acceleration enabled. You’ll just need to compensate for the fact that you can cover more distance on your screen by moving your mouse faster.

Although we just guided you through how to turn this feature off. It can be a nifty tool for games like Counter Strike: GO if you’re a player that understands what mouse acceleration is doing. And just like any other tool, it also has its upsides for gaming as well as down sides.

How Can Mouse Acceleration Benefit Gaming?

With mouse acceleration turned on, you can multiply the distance the cursor travels in a game. For instance, with mouse acceleration turned off. A player can only travel at one mile per hour. But with it turned on, you can move at two, even four miles per hour.

Not only can mouse acceleration multiply mouse movements. It can also increase the speed on a curve. This means the number of mouse movements increases the faster you move your mouse.

Mouse Curve

source: StackOverflow

So then, with mouse acceleration turned on, the speed of the cursor is increased. And the rate at which it speeds up the mouse is increased in step with your increased speed.

Retraining Muscle Memory

In shooter games, consistency is key to a game winning performance. What does this mean? When you move the mouse a certain distance, at a certain speed. You need to know how that translates in a game.

Understand that with mouse acceleration turned on you’ll need to retrain muscle memory since mouse movement and inputs are no longer 1:1. When you flick your mouse in a certain game. You may not turn the same distance. For example, if one 360-degree turn takes half a mousepad at one speed. With mouse acceleration turned on, you’ll have to get used to the increased speed. But it can be learned.