What to Do with Old Computer Games (5 Great Ideas)

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What to Do with Old Computer Games

PC games unlike their console counterparts are rarely known for their collectability. A major reason for this is that PC games are one of the most readily available type of video games out there with multiple distribution channels. Older games that haven’t been abandoned by the creator are often released as freeware. Not only that, but distribution platforms like Steam and GOG have changed the landscape of PC gaming so much that you’re left wondering, what do I do with those old computer games? In this article, we share our absolute favorite ideas for getting rid of old computer games and even get your creative DIY juices flowing!

Are You About to Bin a Sought-After Title?

Before you chuck those old computer games that have been cluttering up your bookshelf, you might want to find out if it has any value.

Even though PC games specifically aren’t highly collectible, there are sought after games such as older titles or limited collector’s editions of newer releases that can fetch a good sum of money on secondary markets like eBay.

Donate Your Games to a School

If you’ve concluded that the PC games you’re holding onto are indeed worthless, you can donate them to a school or a non-profit organization such as an orphanage.

Schools, as well as NGOs, have time slots allocated for children’s activities. During this time, kids are allowed to play indoor games, outdoor games, and on-screen games.

And, with more than 3,200 thrift stores around the country, Goodwill Industries is another fantastic option for donating your old games. Goodwill sells used goods either in its physical thrift stores or through the company’s online auction site.

Not only that, but by giving away your old computer games to charities. You can claim a tax deduction for your donation. Just be sure to get and keep the receipt for your tax records in case of an audit.

Trade-in Your Old Computer Games

The video game industry is worth over $150 billion. As users who like playing video games, we know how much new titles cost and the pain of having to let go of a game that’s not worth much for nothing or next to nothing – it’s painful.

Many people are making money from almost everything. And PC games are no different. A great way to leverage the cost of new games is to sell the old ones.

Many online retailers deal in the buying and selling of old computer games. Apart from online retailers, many stores will purchase your old games, like the Microsoft store.

Besides eBay, places to sell your old PC games include:

GameStop Gameflip
The Old School Game Vault Craigslist
Amazon Best Buy
DK Oldies PlayerUp
Facebook Marketplace OfferUp
eStarland Swappa
Trade4Cash SellCell

Of course, it’s worth finding out what type of games these entities accept for trade or sell before you go to them. It’s also worth looking into their game purchasing/selling policies.

Be Green About It

You can also dispose of your old computer games by recycling them. Almost all PC games are made of plastic. Hence, if you’re going to throw them out, they shouldn’t be going to ordinary landfills where it will take up to 10 to 100 years to decompose.

Instead, you can search for online plastic waste disposal authorities. Or call your nearby municipality office to inquire about places where you can dispose of plastic safely.

In addition, old computer games in the form of hard drives, discs, and CD jackets, can also be disposed of through the e-waste recycling program.

To explore the e-waste recycling program, you can contact the solid waste department in your location for information about where to dispose your old computer game. Basel Action Network, also known as BAN, is an international environmental organization that uses sustainable e-waste recycling processes.

Think Do-It-Yourself Projects

If your particularly crafty and creative, why not transform those old shiny discs into something eye-catching and decorative for your home or office? It’s a wonderful way to repurpose games you’re no longer playing and give those old CD ROMs new life!

Wall hanging

This one’s simple, yet it can revitalize your space and increase the appearance while giving it a unique look. Social media outlets like Pinterest are chock full of fun innovative ways to turn your old CDs into a decorative showpiece and magnificent wall art.

For most of these, you won’t need anything more than acrylic paint, a sharp pair of scissors and some glue to craft exciting showpieces.

Shiny square frame

You can make a creative square frame out of your old computer games by cutting the CD into multiple pieces and joining them in a mosaic pattern. It will also give your frame a shiny and reflective appearance.

A lamp

And you can also create an innovative lamp. There are simpler lamp ideas you can find on the internet. But here are some pretty cool ones from Jim Watters. if you’re feeling especially creative, check this one out. It’s not Jim’s, but still pretty cool.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can repurpose otherwise useless old games cluttering up your home. Besides simply tossing them in the trash bin, you can give it to someone else to experience the same joy in playing those games you once had. You could also recycle them at many recycling companies. Or use them for artistic work. There are endless possibilities for what you can do with an old computer game. Social media has a lot to offer when it comes to this subject. We hope this list of our favorite ways to get rid of old computer games gave you some ideas!